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Discover our 8 experiences that will allow you to experience authentic encounters with people from here, passionate and committed to showcasing the products of their region and Quebec terroir!

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On-farm dining

On-farm dining experiences offered by Tables ChampêtresTM of Quebec are truly unique. In fact, meals must be made primarily with products grown or raised on the farm itself such as honey, lamb, game animals, beef, horses, pigs, goats, dairy production, rabbits, game birds, poultry, etc. In addition to the products produced on site, certified Table ChampêtreTM farms complete their menu with local and regional products from Quebec. Meals are prepared and served in a house or annex right on the farm to add to the taste and dining experience. The Tables ChampêtresTM of Quebec: showcasing local pitchfork-to-fork savoir-faire!

Pick-your-own: from the classics to the uncommon

There are so many reasons to visit a pick-your-own farm! It could be to promote the purchase of local products, or to meet the farmer or even just to enjoy the great outdoors while savouring fresh fruit and vegetables! It is also a great opportunity to appreciate all the work and know-how involved in growing quality fruits and vegetables. Many pick-your-own farms have interpretive panels or interactive apps with information on the fruits and vegetables grown on site! As well, you will often have access to a variety of educational and recreational activities!

From classics such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, and pumpkins to the more uncommon such as haskap, sea buckthorn, Saskatoon berries, sunflower, zinnia, and garlic scapes, fruit and vegetable producers have a lot to offer!

Classic or
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Go on a guided tour

To learn more about the history of an establishment, its owners, its crops and livestock, there is nothing better than a guided tour. Qualified employees will be pleased to share their knowledge with you, inform you about the profession and introduce you to a whole new world. There are so many interesting guided tours to choose from. Go on a sugar bush tour or tour a livestock farm with bison or alpacas. You can also tour processing sites such as microbreweries, distilleries, cheese factories. Often supplemented by interpretation aids, guided tours will certainly enhance your experience.

There is something to interest both young and old!

Eat local

The Tables aux Saveurs du TerroirTM are restaurants that meet specific criteria related to local products. In fact, over 50% of the menu of restaurants certified Table aux Saveurs du TerroirTM is composed of local, regional and Quebec products. Thus, the idea of “eating local” takes on its full meaning! Local products are showcased through the diverse range of dishes on the menu and alcohol list. The savoir-faire of chefs and producers combined with regional specialties unite to provide a true gastronomic taste experience! Local taste experiences are guaranteed at a “Table-certified” restaurant. Discover your new favourite!

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Taste and
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Attend a commented tasting

A guided (or commented) tasting is an excellent way to discover new flavours while enhancing your knowledge. While tasting the wine, beer, cheese, honey or another product, the establishment will tell you the story behind the product, offer suggestions on possible pairings, as well as provide instructions on how to prepare it or even on how to taste it. During a guided tasting, you will discover facets of the product that will enrich your experience even more.

Tasting all the various products makes it easier to discover your new gastronomic favourite.

Experience a grape harvest

We often hear about grape harvests in France and Spain, but what about here in Quebec? Did you know that it is possible to experience the life of a grape picker for a day at many Quebec vineyards? Harvest time usually takes place towards the end of summer or early fall (September and October) when the grapes reach their optimum degree of ripeness. Not only will you be introduced to viticulture, but you will also have the opportunity to actually harvest the grapes, an essential step in the production of wine. Quebec winegrowers offer different options such as picnic meals, wine tasting, VIP visits, exclusive discounts, or a gift bottle as a thank you for your help.

A busy day that will create happy memories! Since places are limited, be sure to book in advance!

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Participate in farm activities

Participating in the life of a farm creates unforgettable family moments! This is an opportunity for your toddlers to teenagers to immerse themselves in the world of farming. You will discover as a family the dietary and behavioural habits of farm animals and how to take care of them. Our farms are home to a multitude of animal species: goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, miniature horses, alpacas, peacocks, turkeys, chickens, ducks, pheasants, guinea fowl, rabbits, etc. You will be able to observe them, touch them, brush them, and feed them. Other unique activities that may be offered on the farm are miniature horse rides, alpaca rides, introduction to wool spinning, shearing lessons, collecting fresh eggs, experiencing a day in the life of a farmer, and much more!

Experience a sugar shack

Every year in March and April, you can enjoy the sugaring-off tradition at a sugar shack! This is the time of the year when the traditional harvest of maple sap takes place. The sap is then used to produce that delicious nectar, maple syrup.
Originally, sugar shacks were small cabins where the sap was transformed into syrup. With time, they evolved to become the unique experience we know today. Now more diversified, sugar shacks offer both traditional and contemporary menus. However, you can be sure of one thing: almost everything on the menu involves maple products! Of course, you have to try the traditional (and delicious) treat of maple taffy on snow! To help you stretch your legs a bit, many sugar shacks also offer a variety of activities such as horse-drawn sleigh or tractor rides, hiking, a visit with farm animals, traditional music, dancing, and much more! There is something for everyone at the sugar shack!
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