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Table Champêtre™— Dining Out… On the Farm!

By definition, a Table Champêtre™ is an on-farm restaurant that specializes in showcasing homegrown, homemade and home-raised products. But in reality, the on-farm dining experience isn’t limited to local flavours!

An evening at a Table Champêtre™ restaurant is an incredible, indulgent culinary feast and the opportunity to meet the extraordinarily talented growers, producers and chefs who work tirelessly to share their culinary creations. Here’s your chance to raise a glass to them, with them.

Our field-to-fork dining concept is so unique that we trademarked it. It’s our way of bringing together the ingredients for a feast you won’t forget anytime soon.

Here’s a look of what you can expect from a Table Champêtre™ establishment and how you can get an authentic taste of Quebec.

A Unique Dining Experience

In the early 1980s, farmers expressed a desire to open their doors to the public and welcome small groups to dine on the farm. This was the beginning of an on-farm dining project called Table Champêtre du Québec. These on-farm dining experiences were an opportunity for farmers and producers to prepare a fresh feast using their own products and share with guests stories about their life on the farm. The food couldn’t get much fresher or much more local. All food was prepared by the farmers’ own chef, with or without the help of local artisans and food processors.

Snce then, becoming a certified Table Champêtre™ is an opportunity for farmers to open their doors to the public, to show them their fields, take them on tours, explain the inspiration behind the things they grow and raise, tell them about the farm or simply just enjoy a unique culinary experience with good company. For farmers and foodies alike, beyond the food itself, the Table Champêtre™ experience is an unmissable opportunity to join in spirited conversations about local flavours, products and the local culinary culture with other like-minded people.

Did you know? 

  • There are a few exceptions, but the Table Champêtre™ name is primarily reserved for agricultural producers. Which is why so-called classic dining establishments cannot call themselves a Table Champêtre™.
  • At least 51% of the menu, from appetizers to desserts, must be composed of products grown or raised on the farm.
  • The Table Champêtre™ experience is a chance to try some more unusual livestock, such a bore, Highland beef and veal, and even goat. Cooked to perfection by chefs who know better than anyone how to handle the product, there’s no better time to enjoy these more unusual options.
  • There are 15 certified Table Champêtre™ restaurants in Quebec, three of them have been in operation for over 30 years. One in the Laurentides region: Les Rondins in Mirabel; and two in Montérégie: Domaine de la Templerie in Godmanchester and La Rabouillère in Saint-Valérien-de-Milton. In all three cases, the Table Champêtre™ farms have been handed down from generation to generation, ensuring that the incredible on-farm dining experience can continue season after season.

“I think what makes our Table Champêtre™ successful is our family’s involvement, our reputation, word-of-mouth and sharing my passion for good food.”


Beyond the Plate

The Table Champêtre™ brand is undeniably unique in that to earn Table Champêtre™ status, you need to go beyond the plate. It’s a badge of honour, demonstrating the fruit of the farm’s labour and their profound understanding of the importance of upholding the trademark’s parameters. So, when you dine at a Table Champêtre, you don’t only get delicious, local food, you get guaranteed expertise and a reassurance that it will not fade.

I believe the key to success for us lies in our desire to make our guests feel at home. Our adaptability and flexibility help us cultivate this feeling. Beyond that it lies in our attention to detail in all aspects of our business: the quality of the food we serve, our professional service, the exceptional outdoor environment, and so on.”


  • Menus are composed mainly of local and regional products from Quebec;
  • Menus include specialties and typical regional cuisine, prepared in a traditional manners;
  • Dishes are elegant, creative and unique;
  • Les repas dénotent une certaine recherche, de la création et de l’originalité;
  • The origin of products is emphasized in the names of dishes, on the menu and on the wine and beverage list;
  • The wine and beverage list contains products made in Quebec, such as craft beers, wines, ciders, liquors, sparkling water, etc.;
  • There is a policy of replacing imported products with local and regional products from Quebec;
  • The delicious culinary creations served at certified Table Champêtre™ farms are primarily composed of products grown and raised on the farm itself. The menu is complemented (up to 49%) with other local and regional agrifood products;
  • Menus are based around the food raised or grown on the farm;
  • Meals are prepared and served in the farmhouse or an annex on the farm;
  • Etc.!

In recent years, the trend for dining al fresco has revealed another facet of the Table Champêtre™ experience, we could go so far as to say that it has given on-farm dining a second wind! The dining room is no longer the only place to enjoy culinary delights. Now, patrons are invited to enjoy the whole farm, enriching their experience and initiating them to the joys of dining outdoors. Close your eyes and picture a flower-filled pasture, dotted with picnic tables under immaculate white tents… It’s hard to think of a more perfect setting to enjoy a delicious meal. Outdoor on-farm dining is gaining in popularity, and, according to the farmers, is a resounding success! When will we see you there?


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