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What’s So Different About Food Tourism in Quebec?

Photo : Manoir Hovey - Restaurant le Hatley

Discover the richness of Quebec’s gourmet tourism, with its blend of northern traditions and contemporary creativity. From local produce to gourmet festivals, enjoy an authentic and convivial culinary experience! ⤵️ 🍁🍽️

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Embracing our roots, utilizing the bounty of the land and our creativity to share our northern cuisine with the world.

Our famous poutine and delicious maple products need no introduction, having already gained a loyal following beyond Quebec’s borders. That said, Quebec’s food scene is so much more than the ingredients; it’s the chefs and their culinary prowess, their daring creativity and desire to showcase our culinary specialties and local products that are making Quebec a world-class culinary hub with a reputation for its outstanding hospitality. 👩‍🍳

It’s also all about discovering exceptional local products made by our artisans, including talented brewers, cider makers, cheese makers, winemakers, and maple syrup producers… Our valiant fishers who wake at the crack of dawn to haul in crab, lobster, shrimp and seaweed. Their dedication to putting quality seafood and fish from the St. Lawrence and Atlantic Ocean on menus and plates has helped secure Quebec’s position as a must-visit culinary destination. Not to mention our many markets, festivals, culinary events, and F&B trails influenced by local traditions and the changing seasons that shine a spotlight on the extent of Quebec’s local flavours.🦞🧀

Our northern roots and climate make our local products incomparable to anything else. Influenced by our traditions and multiculturalism, Quebec’s culinary culture is a feast for the senses. Here, food is about more than just eating. It’s a chance to sit around the table and break bread with family and friends… Put simply, it’s a lifestyle. 🍁🍷

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The sector follows trends that cultivate its development … and contribute to the evolution of our society!

Quebec’s local food scene is ultimately a culinary experience of discoveries and fascinating encounters, revealing our authentic art de vivre and history.🍇

  • Looking for healthy food options and the popularity of organic products

  • Going back to our roots, the desire to buy local and the popularity of local products

  • The interest in food and culinary tourism

  • The appeal of the countryside and the search for an authentic experience

  • Local tourism and last-minute getaways

  • The overall tourism experience, striving for diversity (cultural activities, outdoor recreation, agritourism)

Extrait du Plan d’action provincial 2021-2024 sur l’avenir du tourisme gourmand au Québec

Aux Petits Plaisirs - érable
© Aux Petits Plaisirs

Where The Sector Thrives

Offering 🌱

  • Variety and quality of fresh and local products

  • Presence in all of Quebec’s tourism regions

  • Food products distinctive to the province (maple, cranberry, cheese, poutine, lobster, forest products, etc.)

  • Rich regional culinary identities

  • Food products distinctive to our geographical location (land, river, sea)

  • Showcasing spectacular landscapes and regions

  • Food-themed events and activities (festivals, markets, etc.)

  • Variety of culinary trails

  • The appeal of our regions and beautiful countryside intrinsically linked to our culinary heritage
Domaine Jolivent
© Domaine Jolivent

Experiences ✨

  • Diversity of culinary experiences: authentic, creative, festive, gourmet, etc.

  • Variety of culinary trails

  • Multi-sensory experiences

  • The legendary hospitality of Quebeckers, interesting encounters with locals, and the warm, generous and engaging welcome our tourists receive

  • Proximity to and accessibility of chefs, producers and artisans

  • Quality of our restaurant scene, renowned not only in Quebec but beyond our borders thanks to our famous chefs and restaurants
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Marketing 🎯

  • Sterling reputation of operators, processors, restaurateurs, ambassadors, etc.

  • Ability to structure our agritourism offering: trails, getaways, etc.

  • Numerous food-themed events that facilitate marketing

  • Ability to create packages with other tourism products

  • Inclusion in the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec’s signature tourism experiences
Miellerie King - distillerie & hydromellerie visite
© Miellerie King – distillerie & hydromellerie

Industry 🧑‍🌾

  • Cross-cutting sector

  • Ability to generate year-round tourism

  • Significant and growing tourist traffic

  • Potential for development in most of Quebec’s regions

  • Government’s willingness to develop the sector

  • Determination and drive of the sector’s primary stakeholders (businesses, DMOs, sectoral tourism associations, RMCs, biofood focus groups, etc.)

  • Awareness of good environmental and sustainable development practices

Pour en savoir plus

Reportage extrait du Kit Média Terroir et Saveurs du Québec, un document sur le tourisme gourmand au Québec, mettant en avant sa définition, le secteur, ses retombées économiques, et ses expériences phares.

Véritable boîte à outils, ce document vise à faire des délégations des ambassadeurs du tourisme gourmand, en les dotant de connaissances pour promouvoir les producteurs et artisans québécois. Pour en savoir plus consulter le Kit Média complet.

👉 Lire le Kit Média complet


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