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Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™ — Eating Local Guaranteed

If you’ve visited Quebec before, it’s quite possible you’ve already eaten at a Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™ without knowing. In fact, we’d bet on it… After all, we’re the ones that created the network!

Across the province, talented artisans have developed distinctive dining options, and we felt it was important to raise their profile by creating a trademark. What exactly is it? What does it bring to the table? And how is it assessed? Let’s take a look at some of Quebec’s best gourmet restaurants serving up seasonal, local products.

Quebec, A Whole World of Flavour

Our beautiful province is covered with as many square kilometres of fields, vineyards, orchards and farmhouses as it is talented chefs. In fact, every region has its own signature style. Our master chefs were quick to catch on that harnessing the seasons and giving their guests the opportunity to discover the full gourmet potential of the region could only enhance their menus. This, in part, led to the concept of Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™.

Eating Local, The Driving Force of the Concept

The desire to promote the delicious local flavours of Quebec was (and still is) so strong that a trademark certifying restaurants serving primarily local produce became necessary. Building on the Table Champêtre™ concept (on-farm dining), the Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™ trademark came about in 2010. Not only does it give restaurants recognition, it’s also a guarantee that by dining at one of the certified restaurants, you will be enjoying high quality gourmet meals made from local produce.

Don’t Leave it up to Chance

While there are many restaurants around the province that feature local produce on their menus, few receive the Terroir et Saveurs™ du Québec seal of approval. Each application is carefully assessed, dissected and measured… So, it should come as no surprise to learn that we don’t grant this level of recognition to just anybody. Being a Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™ is serious business! We evaluate many different aspects, in particular:

  • Menus must be primarily composed (at least 51%) of local and regional products from Quebec. However, in most cases the actual percentage is much higher!;
  • Menus include specialties and typical regional cuisine, prepared in a traditional manner;
  • Dishes must showcase distinctive aspects of the region’s cuisine (both in the way food is prepared and presented);
  • Dishes must be elegant, creative and unique;
  • The origin of products must be emphasized in the names of dishes, on the menu and on the wine and beverage list;
  • The wine and beverage list must contain products made in Quebec, such as craft beers, wines, ciders, liquors, sparkling water, etc.
  • There must be a policy of replacing imported products with local and regional products from Quebec.
  • Etc.!

A Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™ is by definition a gourmet restaurant that specializes in promoting regional products and that shines a spotlight on Quebec’s gastronomy through its chef’s talent, daring creativity and desire to share the uniqueness of their cuisine. Can’t quite believe it? A quick glance over a menu or look at our website will confirm it for you


From the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, no matter where you are in the province, you will come across a restaurant proud of its gastronomy along the way! Whether for large or small celebrations, vacations or a short stay, these gourmet addresses are just waiting to welcome you and celebrate with local flavors.




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